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Rotary Supporting Kai Rescue

Friday, 11 November 2022

 The Rotary Clubs of Nelson have again joined forces to support the Nelson Environment Centre in the purchase of a new EV Van for their Kai Rescue and Hapori Fruit and Veg box operations, together with a fast-charging station. The vehicle  is a LDV Model EV eDeliver 9 Van -51.5 kwh and will provide additional transport capacity as well as operating cost efficiencies in collection and distribution of food for support of lower socio-economic families in Nelson. The centre also won a $30,000 solar system that together with the van costing $69,000 (incl Gst) and fast charger including installation of a further $12,000 brings the value of the project to approx. $111,000. In addition to the Rotary clubs there are a number of other charitable trusts providing funding support.

The Rotary commitment, led by the Rotary Club of Nelson West, has involved the pledging of $3,250 from each of the four Nelson clubs including the Rotary club of Nelson with a District grant of $5,000 from the Rotary Foundation (Total $18,000) as “top brick” funding. It is anticipated that this project may also extend to working bees to build storage shelving and other workspace fit out.

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