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Rex Morris

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Police Force

Rex had a long and distinguished career with NZ Police and through promotions took on responsibilities including 25 years as Officer in Charge of the Armed Offenders Squad in both Nelson and Wanganui. He took on the role of Police Prosecutor for Wanganui and Nelson and then to Senior Sergeant responsible for co-coordinating Police Prosecution Services for Nelson, West Coast and Marlborough until he retired in 2006. During his time in the Police he and wife Jo brought up their family of one daughter and three sons and now have four grandchildren.

Rex was one of the initiators of the Restorative Justice programme  in Nelson and is currently on the Board of the Restorative Justice Trust.

“I was approached to join Nelson Rotary in 1993 after speaking to the Rotary Club of Nelson on the role of the Armed Offenders squad.
Rotary was complementary to my police work, as whilst we, as police officers identified community gaps we needed others to help address them and Rotary was and is an ideal partner. I was also  attracted by the values that Rotary stands for.
I was pleased that women started to join the club shortly after I became a member and brought new skills, experiences and perspectives into the club.
Rotary has had a balancing effect on my life as the meetings and activities were a sanctuary away from the confrontations that some police work entails but still brought the type of camaraderie that I enjoyed in the Police”

Interventionist programme examples include Big Brothers Big Sisters, Rotoiti Lodge Outdoor Centre and the Rotary Youth Driver Awareness.

Once he retired he brought his skills to bear initially in the Role of District Governor then to further District and  Regional training initiatives and in 2013 and 2016 was a representative to the Council of Legislation for Rotary International in Chicago. He and wife Jo also acted as liaison to two Rotary International World Presidents on visits to New Zealand.

“At my first Rotary World convention I was amazed by the people power of so many coming together who shared the same vision and values. My wife Jo has always been a huge support in my Rotary work.”

Together they participated in work in Rotary Institutes, District Conferences and 6 Rotary World conventions with the largest in Chicago attended by 42000 people.

The club recognized Jo’s contribution to Rotary through a Community PHF recognition in 2012.

Rex is the ‘go to’ person within the club for matters to do with Rotary both Nationally and Internationally

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