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Gareth’s first encounter with Rotary was as a guest speaker at the Tawa Club in Wellington when he gave a talk on attracting young people into Rotary. At the time he was working at the Ministry of Youth Development.

His relationship with the club grew through volunteering on their causes. He completed the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards programme in 2015, then was selected by the Little Rock Rotary Club to take part in the Ottenheimer International Youth Programme (a 5-week study programme in Arkansas and Washington DC).

“The learning I gained from mixing with people already successful in leadership within the club and community plus the experiences from participating in the leadership programmes have been invaluable in my career and personal development. This grounding also gave me confidence in dealing with people at all levels and diverse backgrounds.”

His career development has taken him through support roles for the National party at Parliament progressing to two National Minister’s Offices then to the City Council in Nelson focusing on Strategic Policy Advisory roles. He has recently taken up a new role as Regional Strategy and Investment Manager, Nelson Regional Development Agency.

“When Emma and I decided to make our home here it made sense for me to join Rotary. It’s a great way to network and learn about the city. Many of the guest speaker’s presentations relate to the development of the city both socially and economically. Again, the members collectively have a huge reservoir of local knowledge and connections. It is also providing an opportunity to put back into both Rotary and the Community.“

Life is busy for Gemma and Gareth with the recent birth of a son, coinciding with the change in Gareth’s new role in the NRDA.

Gareth is one of a number of young achievers (under 30), to join us recently, who all are demonstrating community consciousness and a desire to make a difference.

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